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Abstract Portrait Painting, light blue, gray & black, White ,Red, on canvas ,work by Dimitris Pavlopoulos
Painting created with acrylic .
Colours: light blue, gray & black, White ,Red
Abstract Canvas Collection 2020
23.5" x 31" x 0.8"depth
60 x 80 x 1,8 depth cm
The energy that is not visible to the human senses but you feel it and you realize it spontaneously is the natural consequence the fantastic faces shouting from the depths of my soul then I with the brushes and the paints I create on the surface the face or the body I give material substance and a quiet voice.

The art sent in rolled tube for safety reasons.
The painting is original and signed by me on the back and front .


Thank you Dimitris Pavlopoulos.

energia makeup # 14

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